Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BUTI Welcomes the Large Program Students!

On Sunday we welcomed over 230 new students to the BUTI campus for the large 4-week and 6-week programs including the Young Artists Orchestra, Young Artists Wind Ensemble, Young Artists Vocal Program, Young Artists Piano Program, Young Artists Composition Program, and Young Artists Harp Program. Approximately 40 students from the previous workshop weeks are staying on for the large programs, making our BUTI campus more full than it has been all summer!

After a busy morning of registration at Groton Place and getting settled into their respective dorms, the students and parents attended Opening Ceremonies in the warm summer sun outside the Koussevitzky Shed on campus. The ceremonies were led by Shirley Leiphon, Administrative Director, and Phyllis Hoffman, Executive and Artistic Director as well as the Director of the Young Artists Vocal Program. Professor Hoffman spoke about the history of Tanglewood and the BUTI program as well as the importance of a life filled with the study of the arts. The ceremonies also featured performances select members of the BUTI workshop students- a trumpet quintet and woodwind trio- as well as a closing performance by the faculty woodwind quintet, Vento Chiaro.

The Opening Ceremonies were followed by a family BBQ on the back lawn provided by the BUTI Dining Staff. After the delicious group picnic, the students proceeded to specific program meetings before an All-Student Orientation in the West Street Theatre led by Director of Student Life and Operations Lisa Naas. Here the students were introduced to their RAs and various faculty and staff members whom they will be interacting with during their stay. The first night was then concluded with mandatory floor meetings within their dorms where they reviewed campus rules and regulations and played ice breaker games to get to know their new roommates!

It is already shaping up to be an exciting first week for the large programs with the annual Fourth of July James Taylor concerts selling out the Tanglewood Main Grounds and bringing in guest artists like last night's Taylor Swift. This weekend also marks Opening Weekend at Tanglewood, with Friday night's Opening Night concert presenting an All-Beethoven Program. Saturday's concert features acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell and Sunday's performance the dazzling Bernadette Peters.

The Student Life Staff also has many fun activities planned including a Field Day with fun & games on the 4th, a weekend hike of Olivia's Overlook, a few yoga trips to the esteemed Kripalu Yoga Center, a trip to Walmart to pick up any last-minute items that students may have left behind, and the continuing of the basketball tournament between dorms!

We are very excited for the next chapter of the 2012 BUTI Summer, and look forward to working with the students and watching their musical talents expand and grow!

Click the link below to check out pictures from Move-in Day!

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